World Council's Young Credit Union Professionals program began in 2001 as a scholarship program designed to raise the voice of emerging leaders across the international credit union movement. Today, WYCUP is platform for young credit union professionals and their advocates to connect to the world, engage professional journeys with global perspective and inspire a force for positive change through financial cooperatives in communities everywhere.  


WYCUP is developing emerging leaders with global perspective.

We share this planet with billions of other people. Global perspective expands awareness of how interconnected each region of the world is economically, politically and socially. It’s about being open to new ideas, issues and solutions. It means being culturally sensitive and willing to learn from others.

We live in a globalized and increasingly interconnected world. To be successful in this environment, credit unions require leaders who understand our shared interest in the success of all people - and the important role that financial cooperatives play in supporting more vibrant and sustainable communities.

As we expand horizons, WYCUP is helping credit unions and other financial cooperatives attract and retain the best talent. By connecting YPs across borders, WYCUP is opening eyes and igniting their passion to make a difference. Be part of that difference and join the WYCUP Affiliates Network today!


The first step is connecting. 

The WYCUP Affiliates Network connects young professionals through a shared vision of the potential for financial cooperatives like credit unions to empower communities. Network membership is open to all young credit union professionals and their advocates - and provides access to events, international engagement opportunities and global perspectives from YPs on a journey to make the world a better place. 

At a higher level, the WYCUP Affiliates Council connects local YP networks to identify, develop and expand engagement opportunities for young professionals everywhere. During it's monthly roundtable sessions, leadership from state, provincial and national YP networks follow a thematic journey that explores new ways to empower young professionals. 

And then we engage.

WYCUP's Virtual and in-person events explore global perspectives on a range of issues relevant to young professionals. Regardless of whether you are just starting or have years of experience within the sector, WYCUP welcomes you.

Virtual Summits bring together YPs to explore issues unique to their specific roles. WYCUP's annual Forum highlights unique YP initiatives and champions the diversity of professional journeys. Immersion Learning Programs provide a deeper dive into the local realities for financial cooperatives and their communities in countries around the world.

And we're just getting started. As the WYCUP Affiliates Council continues its journey, we will explore new engagement opportunities for YPs like international mentorships and internships. We're bringing young professionals together to create shared resources like technical guides with strategies for financial cooperatives to remain relevant to youth. Throughout it all, we're empowering YPs to be part of the solution!

Inspiring a global community of young credit union professions. 

WYCUP is enriching professional journeys with global perspective - and in the process, we're inspiring a force for positive change through financial cooperatives in communities everywhere.