The World’s Young Credit Union Professionals scholarship program connects emerging leaders to a world of opportunity through our global network of credit unions and financial cooperatives. These annual awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership and exemplify a commitment to improving lives through financial cooperatives.

The WYCUP scholarship includes airfare, hotel and registration fees to attend one of the following events:

  1. JUNE 21-26– The Confederation of Caribbean Credit Unions (CCCU) Convention will bring together representatives from across the Caribbean in the beautiful country of St. Kitts and Nevis for five (5) days of engagement, leadership, and learning opportunities! 
    -The CCCU was created with the aim of being the pre-eminent Regional Apex Organization Empowering Caribbean people through a Unified Co-operative Sector. Their mission is to facilitate the advancement of the Caribbean Cooperative Sector through sustainable growth and development, protecting the movement’s philosophy and values and ensuring safe, sound and efficient co-operative service providers. This year you will have the opportunity to attend visits to Credit Unions in St. Kitts. 
          IMPORTANT Please Note:
    Due to the needs of the CCCU, we ask that you are proficient in the English language. Additionally, scholarship applicants are asked to have local industry perspectives as it relates to sustainability and be prepared to have a conversation with CCCU youth successors and leaders as WYCUP Scholars.

  2. JULY 21-25– The World Credit Union Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, USA represent the world’s largest gathering of emerging leaders and credit union professionals. This year, the WYCUP Global Youth Summit will bring together emerging leaders from around the world. Scholarship recipients will connect with the pulse of our global movement and build new relationships with your global peers during five (5) full days of learning, networking and exchange.

Scholarship recipients will additionally engage with their global peers during virtual and in-person events throughout the year and have the exclusive opportunity to serve on the WYCUP Leadership Council as we explore opportunities for greater collaboration on our shared global challenges.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

Scholarship recipients will play an active role throughout the year following the award, sharing their experience and attending quarterly meetings of the WYCUP Affiliates Council and the exclusive opportunity to serve on the WYCUP Leadership Council.


  Applications open: November 6, 2023
  Applications close: December 15, 2023
  Application Review:
  December 18, 2023- Jan 12, 2024
  Winners will be notified and announced:
  January 18, 2024

YouTube Video Requirements

Please review the application criteria and notes on the video requirement before preparing and submitting your video. Nominees must upload their videos to YouTube. The video should be titled: “Your Name - WYCUP 2024”. The link to the video must be noted on the Nomination Form All applicants must prepare a video of no more than 5 minutes (if you go over this timeframe it will be taken from your overall score) where they address the following:

  • Describe your role at your credit union or cooperative financial organization.  Why are you an advocate for credit unions?
  • Describe the contributions you have made to advancing your organization or community.  Please provide specific examples that demonstrate your leadership and impact on your organization or local community.
  • Please share what you hope to learn from your international peers and how global engagement can support your professional journey.
  • If you apply to attend the CCCU please include a statement about your industry knowledge about sustainability and climate in your area. If answering this additional question you may go over five (5) minutes but no more than six and one half (6:30) minutes. If you go over this timeframe it will be taken against your overall score. 

Scholarship Form

Please limit answers to 250 words or less.
1. What project(s) are you involved with?
How does the project tie into, at least one, of the following: Sustainability, Emerging Leaders, Underserved Communities, or Membership Growth. *

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